ReThink - Why Housing Matters

ReThink Housing, a new initiative, creates awareness for, and inspires people to learn about, public housing. This initiative encourages the public to realize the benefits that public housing offers individuals as well as the greater community.

Public Housing...

  • Supports Families...Public housing provides an opportunity for families to grow, succeed, and live.
  • Builds Communities...Public housing is a dynamic, thriving part of many communities.
  • Fosters Education...Public housing creates… valedictorians, politicians, engineers, doctors.
  • Provides Stability...Public housing improves your local community and economy.

More information about the initiative:

  • ReThink introduces Americans to a few current and one-time residents of public housing, through their personal stories of success.
  • ReThink shows that public housing provides not just a roof over someone's head, but the stability and support for a father to develop job skills, for a mom to earn a college degree, and for the services needed for disabled individuals or aging grandparents.
  • As the ReThink ambassador, Jewel, a four-time Grammy Award nominated singer-songwriter, understands the importance of having a stable place to live, as she was once homeless. She is asking Americans everywhere to rethink their perceptions of public housing.

Recent Study

From their recent study, ReThink learned that while an overwhelming majority of Americans believe U.S. citizens deserve a safe and decent place to live, most do not support public housing in their own neighborhoods and more than half would not want to live near a public housing unit. Yet, public housing provides a foundation from which residents gain a stable and supportive community for themselves and their families, opportunities for education and career training, and ultimately, the opportunity for financial self-sufficiency to succeed outside of public housing.

The initiative’s long-term goal is to help build support for public housing and the funding needed to properly maintain and expand the nation’s supply of affordable housing.



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The ReThink initiative was developed by Housing Authority Insurance, Inc. (HAI, Inc.), with the support of its trade partners in the public housing industry.